Mailing Services as paid for on the website includes: combining up to 3 mailing lists, duplication removal if requested, CASS Certification, NCOA Certification,  inkjet addressing, postal presorting & delivering to USPS (For booklets/catalogs/calendars: $80/1000; all other products: $50/1000 - $175 Minimum Fee Applies to all Regular DirectMail Jobs). Additional fees will apply for other services such as processing more than 3 mailing lists, tabbing if needed, inserting, or delivery of non-mailed pieces if more than 10% of the quantity ordered. Postage is quoted separately, after checkout.

Once your job has been sent to press and a  ship date is secured, your mailing job will be scheduled to mail two (2) business days after the Ship Date of the printing portion.

Now your business can run its direct mail campaigns much more efficiently with printing and mailing from a single source. 


Download Excel Set Up Templates

Domestic Mailing List Template     Foreign Mailing List Template


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